Accredited Education

Canyon State Academy inspires learning, growth and positive change. With an on-site school accredited by Cognia that is supported by the Arizona Department of Education as a voucher school, CSA provides a normalized, junior high and high school experience for our students. Our curriculum meets the Arizona Department of Education standards, and provides opportunities for students from every educational background.

With a year-round program and open enrollment, we offer a wide range of services including basic skills remediation, GED preparation, full high school diploma, special education and an Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) assessment and placement. Students attend classes six hours per day on-site, in modern school facilities furnished with up-to-date learning aids and technology.

Canyon State Academy’s Instructional Framework™

Reading, writing and mathematics are vital components of education, but Canyon State Academy emphasizes an additional 4 R’s: relationships, rigor, relevance and rituals. In the Instructional Framework™, Administrators, teachers and students work collaboratively to achieve academic goals.

Rigor: CSA classes and high school graduation requirements adhere to Common Core Standards; students easily transfer or leave with an Arizona high school diploma.
Relevance: CSA implements a personalized, culturally-relevant curriculum focused on 21st century skills.
Relationships: Teachers develop relationships and become advocates for students, supporting treatment goals in the classroom.
Rituals: Family, staff and students participate in graduations and learning celebrations; they are able to visualize the student’s continued success.

Over 15 Years of Academic Excellence

Quality Education

Year round, with open enrollment, CSA students attend classes with state-of-the art learning aids and technologies.

Academic Growth

CSA students exhibit significant academic growth in reading and math, doubling the national average for expected progress (measured by RIT scores).


Over 1,500 Arizona High School Diplomas or GEDs have been awarded to CSA students in 15 years.