Student Services

The Right Services at the Right Time

Canyon State Academy values delivering the right services to its youth at the right time. Our clinical services address student risks and needs, providing the necessary support and connections which enable our students to return home successfully. Assessments calibrate services to each student so treatment plans are individualized, based on student need. Individualized Treatment Plans structure service delivery, and offer numerous occasions for healing and positive change.


Treatment services will be provided within a strengths-based, cognitive-behavioral and trauma-responsive environment by qualified clinical staff and guided by evidence-based principles.

Treatment Groups are delivered by highly qualified clinical staff and include Aggression Replacement Training (ART), Thinking for a Change (T4C), Seeking Safety, UC Substance Abuse, Restorative Solutions and others. Canyon State Academy's clinical services offer a selection of nine evidence-based individual and group therapies which are provided as prescribed in a student’s individualized treatment plan.

Family Services

Canyon State Academy is committed to delivering resources and proven practices to promote successful family integration. Our family services include:

Family Involvement –  Families are invited to visit the Canyon State Academy campus to participate in Active Parenting classes, games, interactive activities and partake in special meals to promote positive interaction. Where distance or other barriers exist, we assist families to participate in treatment by providing video conferencing, transportation and phone cards.

Family Support –  Canyon State Academy provides regular opportunities for families to participate in special events. Through parent-teacher conferences, graduations, and VALIDATE™ ceremonies, we enable families to participate in the youth’s academic and professional growth. Athletic games, holiday events and family fun activities promote engagement.

Transition Services

Each student’s Transition Plan is individually prescribed to support students in leading productive and successful lives upon returning to the community. To access services and community supports, Canyon State staff assist with logistics (e.g., transportation, phone calls, scheduling) while teaching self-sufficiency, self-advocacy and assisting youth and families with:

Education contacting school district, trade school or college to provide transfer of credits, college preparation, and financial aid (FAFSA) application assistance.

Family/Relational Supports transitioning to community family therapist, peer support groups and other supports to advance youth permanency.

Employment Needs  assisting students with writing resumes, job searches, and completing applications.

Behavioral Health/Substance Abuse registering with community mental health centers, providing documentation and medication follow-up, and outpatient programs.

Recreational Activities locating gyms, local recreation centers, and transferring recreational activities learned at Canyon State into their home communities.

Spiritual/Cultural Support System locating churches, clubs and cultural events/activities.

Medical/Dental Needs connecting with outpatient medical services for continued health/wellness.