Relationships and Responsibility

Canyon State involves the community to develop our student’s values of relationship building, community building and responsibility.  Our programs seek to include the community and the family as much as possible so youth learn to form pro-social skills and develop the relationships they will need to succeed. We work to repair, rebuild and enhance the bonds and ties between youth, their family and the community.

Our community partners are invested in our mission and offer exciting, real-life opportunities for youth to learn new skills, gain valuable experience and discover the joy in “giving back” to others. Canyon State Academy strives to rebuild the relationships youth have with their community by connecting them to resources, and providing community service opportunities.

Canyon State has performed thousands of volunteer and community service hours to communities within Maricopa and Pinal Counties. Projects include conducting food drives, hosting Special Olympics and Relay for Life events as well as repainting graffiti.

Our community partners include Sun Valley Community Church, American Cancer Society Relay for Life, Our Lady of Guadalupe Food Pantry, Special Olympics of Arizona, Hoofbeats with Heart, Grand Canyon State Games, Boys and Girls Clubs, Boy Scouts of America, Passageway Scholarship Foundation, Town of Queen Creek, Greater Hands on Phoenix, Experience Matters Arizona and the Queen Creek Fire Department.

CSA School Board

The Canyon State Academy School Board oversees and supports the academic services offered to our students. The mission of the Board is to provide at-risk youth the skills necessary for school-to-school or school-to-career transitions. The CSA School Board is dedicated to providing the students in our care with the opportunity, through educational, vocational, interscholastic activities and community resources to become positive, responsible, productive members of society.

Members of the School Board provides their professional expertise; their diverse knowledge and perspectives; their connections to local, national and international resources, colleagues and peers; their philanthropic support and their time and energy to support the mission and vision of Canyon State Academy.

George T. Keene PhD spent 30 years with Honeywell as an engineer, scientist and educator. He then went on to a career serving first the state of Arizona and the Mesa Public Schools as the state supervisor of Industrial Technology and program specialist respectively. George is currently retired.

Dr. George Keene

Board Member

Barry McBride is the President of Sun Cornerstone Group, Inc. He has been a volunteer at Canyon State Academy since 1984. He is also the past President of several non-profit organizations, including St. Mary’s Food Bank, Arizona Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and HonorHealth’s FHA Council. Since 1984, Barry has been teaching morals and ethics to the students at Canyon State Academy, serves as the campus chaplain and was awarded the 2016 Hon Kachina Volunteer Award in Arizona.

Barry McBride

Board Member

Annie Wilson is a North Dakota native who has a strong commitment toward educating our youth. Her own education includes her Bachelor of Psychology, Master of Public Health, and Doctor of Dental Medicine degrees. She has been a dentist for the past 7 years and has served as the on-site dentist at Canyon State Academy since 2016.

Dr. Annie Wilson

Board Member

Glenn Iwata is President and Owner of WestGroup Research, an international public opinion polling company based in the Phoenix Area. Glenn has been a volunteer at Canyon State Academy since 1999 where he taught music and helped with the Morale and Ethical Training Program. Glenn joined the Canyon State school board in 2016.

Glenn Iwata

Board Member

Improving Lives Through


Canyon State Academy has formed partnerships with several community entities to increase the number of opportunities for our students to learn, grow and succeed. These partnerships enrich every aspect of our program and help us to fulfill our mission to improve the lives of youth, families and communities.