Enrichment Opportunities Beyond the Classroom

Canyon State Academy provides a blending of indoor and outdoor social and recreational opportunities for all youth. These activities are provided in Canyon State Academy’s state-of-the-art facilities, which include: a football field, baseball field, full-court gymnasium, olympic-sized swimming pool, library, weight room, track & field stadium, equestrian center and ranch. These activities and opportunities help students develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills that can be applied to other areas of their lives.


Canyon State Academy offers myriad athletic opportunities for every student. Sanctioned CAA teams compete against other area high schools. Junior high students can participate in competitive junior varsity events. Intramurals offer every student the opportunity to play a team sport of their choice and to develop coordination, communication and leadership skills. Special events such as Homecoming, Proms and parades tap into our students creative talents, while campus clubs (chess club and Boy Scouts) develop our student’s intellect and creativity.

Expanding Horizons

Canyon State Academy students have unique experiences that are integral components of our normalized program. Recreation and leisure time teach youth effective time management skills through their active participation in the annual Desert Games, seasonal intramural sports (football, basketball, water polo, mush ball), trivia games, talent shows, iron man competitions, art, music, guitar classes and drum corps. Students are also encouraged to spend their leisure time in healthy reflective activities such as reading books and writing in journals, enabling them to envision a brighter vision of success.

Leadership and Excellence

Canyon State Academy students practice leadership skills through the Student Council,  the Boy Scouts of America and the Robotics Club. Student government enables youth to model excellent behavior, academic proficiency and athletic accomplishment.  Boy Scouts teaches practical skills while developing teamwork and cooperation. Canyon State’s Robotics Club has attended and received awards for its participation in National competitions. Junior High students may participate in youth groups through Sun Valley Community Church. These opportunities encourage our students to pursue excellence in and out of the classroom.